Wounded Warrior Project Survival Key Fob by Survival Straps

Wounded Warrior Project Survival Key Fob by Survival Straps
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  • Manufacturer: Survival Straps

From the Survival Straps Website:

Wounded Warrior Project Logo Key Fob

Show your support for our nations heroes by carrying a Wounded Warrior Project Logo Key Fob. The men and women of our Armed Services have all sacrificed a great deal to keep us free and safe. Many of them have come home with physical injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and post traumatic stress. They now need all of our help. The mission of Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower our Wounded Warriors. They are doing incredible work to help transition America's Wounded W arriors back into society. We each need to do whatever we can to aid in this mission. Fifty percent of the proceeds from these Survival Straps goes directly to Wounded Warrior Project.


Survival StrapsTM Key Fob Details:

We build the key fobs with approximately 6 feet of paracord.  They are built with a small ring on one end.  Then we attach a 1" key ring to this small ring.  This allows the key fob to lay flat while in a pocket.  The Wounded Warrior Project logo is affixed to a stainless military dog tag.  It will not rust, scratch or show fingerprints.  It is made to last.  Get one and show your support today!

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