Horizontal Belt Leather Holster Set

Horizontal Belt Leather Holster Set
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  • Item #: pmk772
  • Manufacturer: Prestige Medical

Made of quality leather, this holster is designed to be worn horizontally on the belt. Features include two belt loops with snaps and a safety strap to secure instruments. Set includes: large pocket equipped with a 7 1/2” EMT utility shear smaller pocket equipped with a Quicklite (No. 220)


This Item has been discoutinued for sale by The Lunatick Fire and EMS Store due to no longer meeting our quality standards.   This has been addressed with the Manufacturer and if they improve the quality to our standards we will reinclude them in our inventory.   For now we recommend against purchaseing this item for EMS use.  This item is still listed here so we can notify our fellow responders of these issues.   Thank you

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