ADC Vistascope 655 Stethoscope

ADC Vistascope 655 Stethoscope
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  • Item #: ADC655
  • Manufacturer: ADC

Unique chestpiece design with 8 interchangeable designer diaphragms provides up to twice the amplification of ordinary acoustic scopes.

  • Diaphragm only type chestpiece fabricated from lightweight acrylic provides up to twice the amplification of conventional acoustic scopes
  • No electronics to malfunction, no batteries to wear out
  • Lightweight scope is neither bulky nor awkward to use
  • Stainless steel binaurals with double leaf internal spring fixed at 15° angle for greater comfort
  • Reinforcing yoke molded into flexible 22

Adsoft™ deluxe PVC eartips in small and large sizes for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal Weighs 5 oz Overall length 31.5" Scope ID Tag included Eight printed designer diaphragms included for personalizing Lifetime Warranty on metal parts Five Year Limited Warranty Latex free

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